WIGO Combo
from € 97 500
Approximate 65 m² modular house is an example of how WIGO modules can be combined. This is a version of how three boxes can be used as a family home with all the amenities needed, including three separate bedrooms, living area, sanitary facilities, kitchenette, multiple wardrobes, laundry room and storage. There is no limits for the number of connections, terraces, verandas or etc. WIGO is all about individual approach and modern solutions. The module can be customized to your individual needs by changing color combinations, finishing materials, insulation and heating elements, as well as other installations

  • CLT 40 mm panel
  • Floor beams 45x245 mm
  • Insulation ECOwool 245 mm
  • Cembrit windstopper 9 mm

Outer Walls
  • CLT 90 mm panel
  • Frame 45x145 mm
  • Insulation ECO wool 145 mm
  • Wood fibre boards 50 mm
  • Vertical battens 25x45 (ventilation)
  • Horizontal battens 25x45 mm
  • Siding boards 20x145 mm

Inner Walls
  • CLT panel (90 mm, 3s
  • CLT 45 mm panel
  • Roof rafters 45x195 mm
  • Insulation ECO wool 195 mm
  • Wood fibre board 25 mm
  • Battens 45x45 mm (ventilation)
  • Horizontal battens 28x95 mm
  • RUUKKI Classic, without snow retention elements (standard colors and coatings)


Ready to connect
  • Electrical input: (32A, 3 phase, 5 pin connector)
  • Water connection DN15
  • Sewerage connection 110mm "flexible plug-in"

  • Sockets – schuko, white, Jung or similar
  • Switchers – white, Jung or similar
  • Lights – ceiling spots, 9 w, A+

  • Floor tiles 300x300 mm
  • FIBO wall panels for wet walls
  • Toilet bowl Lauren Pro with in-wall system Geberit
  • Shower tray (800x1200 mm)
  • Sink Lauren Pro or similar
  • Mixers Grohe or Giulini
  • Electric towel dryer Therma Technologie
  • Water heater 50L Electrolux or Ariston

  • IKEA Method set with sink, stove and mixers
  • Installation beyond 400 km from the factory site in Limbazi, Latvia.
  • Delivery costs
  • Heavy machinery for unloading and installation
  • Foundation
  • Furniture
  • Mains
Organization of the mains on the site (water, sewerage, electricity) is carried out by the customer.
During the installation, we could connect the house to the already connected utilities if not prohibited by the local council.
The mains must be connected to the points marked on the foundation scheme before the start of installation.
It is important that the utilities should not interfere with the installation.

  • Foundation
The foundation must meet the requirements set by WIGO Group and must be ready before installation begins.
We do not do the foundation installation, this is done by specialized third-party companies. Please keep in mind that these companies may have a waiting list.

  • Delivery
Delivery is carried out by specialized third-party companies. We only offer help in finding a carrier.
In the case of transportation of WIGO Modules which exceeds the size limit according to the road regulations, we involve companies carrying out transportation with additional paperwork, which affects the cost of delivery.
In the case of delivery by trawl, please note that in most cases trawls cannot go directly to the site. For unloading trawls and further delivery of modules to the site, a crane truck is involved (additional expense).

  • Access roads and site
Access roads should provide unobstructed passage of large-sized equipment to the site.
The width of the road and the gate should be at least 3.6 m, the height to the wires - 4.5 m.
Machinery should freely enter the site to the place of installation of WIGO Modul. Be morally prepared for damage to the landscape, garden paths, etc. The crane will not be able to drive through without a trace, unfortunately.
If the site or/and driveways are not ready and the modules are delivered for installation, the customer removes all obstacles on his/her own and pays for the cost of downtime of machinery and installation crews.

  • Installation
Installation requires a crane.
In the case when delivery is carried out by multiple trawls, two cranes are required for installation: one for unloading the trawl to the platform and one at the site for installation of modules on the foundation.
If the soil of the site is wet, it is necessary to lay slabs to ensure a stable position of the equipment.

More information could be found in FAQ section.
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