Bathroom PODs "WIGO"
Just plug it in!
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We design and manufacture prefabricated bathroom PODs for the construction of hotels, apartments, commercial and residential buildings, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and more.

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Once positioned, a simple process connects the building’s electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems. In just two to three hours on-site, the bathroom is complete.

  • Quality
    Specialized manufacturing results in superior bathrooms that are consistent across the project. Our structural design and all pods are fully tested and signed-off before they leave our factory.
  • Time Management
    Using Off-site modular bathrooms ensures shorter production process and earlier user occupation than building in traditional technology, resulting in a faster return on investments.
  • Materials
    Cross-Laminated Timber provides better air and moist circulation as it is breathable. Also, it is alow impact material with a much lower embodied carbon footprint.
  • Sustainability
    WIGO offers better sustainability over traditional construction due to reduced material requirements and increased material recyclability.
  • Design
    Clients are able to engage with the design and engineering team to incorporate their own unique requirements or select from preexisting, validated design typologies.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Choosing prefabricated pods means a significant reduction of costs associated with labor, material waste, and removal of a site supervisor and defect rectification.
Construction material influence the quality of peoples life significantly. We implement CLT solutions to raise the standards and set natural trends in the industry.

We believe in the need to actively solve the environmental problems of our planet. Using Cross-Laminated Timber technology, we produce eco-friendly and durable bathroom units. This makes our solution twice stronger and even more natural comparing to our competitors.

We also consult companies that wish to try Cross-Laminated timber for faster assembly.
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