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This module can be done in many different sizes and styles to fulfill the needs of the customer. Serving you as a camping house, sauna box, sanitary facilities, workplace and many others, this box will satisfy any desire.
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Technical description
Project costs
Production / construction / assembly projects
Screw piles
Factory set
Floor panels

  • OSB boards (22 mm, with tongue)
  • Wooden frame construction 70x245 mm
  • Insulation – Eco wool (245 mm)
  • Cembrit Windstopper 9 mm

External walls

  • Horizontal exterior cladding boards (Profile "UYV" 21x145mm,1x primed, 2x painted, spruce)
  • Laths 25x45 mm
  • Massiv wood fiber plate 50 mm
  • CLT panel (90 mm, 3s)

Inner walls

  • CLT panel (90 mm, 3s)

Roof construction

  • OSB boards (22 mm)
  • Laths 25x70 mm
  • Laths 45x45 mm
  • Multi wood fiber plate 25 mm
  • Wooden frame construction 45x195 mm
  • Insulation – Eco wool (195 mm)
  • Multi wood fiber plate 25 mm
  • Laths 28x45 mm

Additional costs

  • Exterior windows and doors covering (1x primed, 2x painted,spruce)
  • Glued beams
  • Screws, tapes, fasteners
  • Rodent barrier
Windows and doors
  • 3 PWC windows, color white, without ventilation. Windows price can change after we receive windows and doors specification.
  • Outer PWC doors, color white, without ventilation. door price can change after we receive windows and doors specification.
  • Assembling materials for windows and doors, including external metal sills.
Roof covering
  • Roofing - ''RUUKKI" Classic, without snow retention elements (standard colors and coatings).
  • Drain systems - ''RUUKKI" (standard colors and coating)
Internal finishing materials
  • Cladding boards for ceilings (12x120 mm, spruce)
  • Paint for walls and ceilings (transparent wax)
  • Floor covering - laminate 8 mm, 32.class
  • Veneer in the WC room - for the floor
  • Plasterboard in wet rooms (Knauf GREEN, GKBI, 12.5 mm) - for walls
  • Linoleum in the WC room (floor, ceiling)
  • Steico Underfloor 5 mm laminate, parquet underlay
  • Skirting boards – matched with laminate
  • Inner doors – wooden or wooden imitation
  • Wooden stairs
Internal works
  • Cladding boards installation (for ceiling)
  • Veneer floor installation (WC room)
  • Installation of plasterboard for walls (WC room)
  • Laminate and underlayment
  • Linoleum installation in the WC room - for walls and floor
  • CLT panel sanding
  • CLT panel painting
  • Skirtings installation
  • Internal doors installation
  • Wooden stairs installation
  • Internal communication construction
  • Ventilation valve
Electrical heaters
Electrolux ECH/AG2-1000 EF
Assembly and construction
  • Panel assembly
  • Windows and doors assembly
  • Metal sills assembly
  • Facade installation
  • Installation of external windows, doors and facade corner
  • coverings
  • Roof covering installation
  • Drain system installation
Delivery and transport costs
  • Transportation (delivery) to the building site
  • Building structures loading in factory
  • Worker transport costs
  • Crane with operator
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Price from 26 000 €
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