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A modular house of almost 40 square meters, which includes a spacious living area or bedroom, a storage room and additional space that can be built as a bathroom, additional storage or something else. The basic construction uses combined CLT and wooden frame technology, which is insulated with ecological materials. The module layout can be customized for each individual client
3,50 m
3,67 m
9,87 m
Technical description
Project costs
Production / construction / assembly projects
Screw piles
Factory set
Floor panels

  • OSB boards (22 mm, with tongue)
  • Wooden frame construction 70x245 mm
  • Insulation – Eco wool (245 mm)
  • Cembrit Windstopper 9 mm

External walls

  • Horizontal exterior cladding boards (Profile "UYV" 21x145mm,1x primed, 2x painted, spruce)
  • Laths 25x45 mm
  • Massiv wood fiber plate 50 mm
  • CLT panel (90 mm, 3s)

Inner walls

  • CLT panel (90 mm, 3s)

Roof construction

  • OSB boards (22 mm)
  • Laths 25x70 mm
  • Laths 45x45 mm
  • Multi wood fiber plate 25 mm
  • Wooden frame construction 45x195 mm
  • Insulation – Eco wool (195 mm)
  • Multi wood fiber plate 25 mm
  • Laths 28x45 mm

Additional costs

  • Exterior windows and doors covering (1x primed, 2x painted,spruce)
  • Glued beams
  • Screws, tapes, fasteners
  • Rodent barrier
Windows and doors
  • 3 PWC windows, color white, without ventilation. Windows price can change after we receive windows and doors specification.
  • Outer PWC doors, color white, without ventilation. door price can change after we receive windows and doors specification.
  • Assembling materials for windows and doors, including external metal sills.
Roof covering
  • Roofing - ''RUUKKI" Classic, without snow retention elements (standard colors and coatings).
  • Drain systems - ''RUUKKI" (standard colors and coating)
Internal finishing materials
  • Cladding boards for ceilings (12x120 mm, spruce)
  • Paint for walls and ceilings (transparent wax)
  • Floor covering - laminate 8 mm, 32.class
  • Skirting boards – matched with laminate
  • Inner doors – wooden or wooden imitation
Internal works

Cladding boards installation (for ceiling)

Laminate installation

CLT panel sanding

CLT panel painting

Skirtings installation

Internal doors installation

Internal communication construction

Ventilation valve

Electrical heaters
Electrolux ECH/AG2-1000 EF
Assembly and construction
  • Panel assembly
  • Windows and doors assembly
  • Metal sills assembly
  • Facade installation
  • Installation of external windows, doors and facade corner coverings
  • Roof covering installation
  • Drain system installation
Delivery and transport costs
  • Transportation (delivery) to the building site
  • Building structures loading in factory
  • Worker transport costs
  • Crane with operator
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Price from 26 000 €
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