WIGO Group most frequently asked questions
How long does it take to produce an average size wooden house?
It depends on the size of the house, structure and complexibility of the design.

  • Average size module of 25 m² can be done in 2 - 4 weeks.
  • The structure of average size prefeb panel house 100 m² can be done in 3 – 4 weeks.
How long does it take to assemble house on the site?
Because panels are prefabricated, installation is greatly reduced, which improves effectiveness and results in lower capital costs. Assembly time could vary depending on the size of the house or module.

  • Module of the size of 25 m² can be installed and ready to use in 1 - 2 days;
  • Panel house of the size of 100 m² can be assembled in 3 - 4 days.
What is the predictable lifetime for wooden construction?
Wooden houses are a sustainable solution that will serve you more than 100 years with precise production, highest quality materials and professional work.
How does the house react in the case of fire?
CLT panels have good fire resistance as it is a massive wooden structure. The panel itself will char in a case of fire, but structural bearing capabilities will last. Insulation and other construction materials are fire proof as well. The same applies to a wooden frame technology where all the materials are treated or contain fire retardant elements.
If it is a wooden structure, how it is affected by moisture and rot?
A house built from CLT panels will be highly airtight and energy-efficient, but at the same time structure is breathable and ventilated. Rooms exposed to moisture (lavatory, shower) are done using moisture resistant materials.
Is it possible to change some parts or details of the house or module design as well as specifications?
On the website client will be able to find our standard projects with technical description of each house. Additional to that Wigo offers you a list of other improvements for the house or module, so it could be done in the way customer desires.
What would be the main benefits or advantages for wooden house construction?
Design flexibility, thermal performance and energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, less waste, fast installation, fire resistance and other climate challenges, air, sound and ventilation quality – positive CO² balance.
How do we transport your product to the object?
Our factory is located in a very convenient location for both land and sea transportation. Modules are delivered to the site as already completed houses and after installation they are ready for use. Panel houses are transported to the site as construction elements (floor, walls, partitions, roof) and then assembled.
How the house is installed on the ground?
The foundation of the house is prepared by the client. These can be pillar bases or screw piles, depending on the size of the house and the specifications of the ground.
What is the payment process?
After negotiation and project approval customer makes an advance payment 50%, after construction is done and house is ready to be transported there is other payment 25%, finally after the house is delivered to the site assembled and checked – final payment 25%

Payment process could change according to the contract.
What recommended measures should be done by the owner for a lifelong quality of the house?
Suitable maintenance steps do not differ much from traditional structures. Given that it is a house and it is effected by environment, the facade will might need some superficial restoration. Also from time to time it is necessary to clean rooftop and gutters. Overall keeping outside out and inside in, we can promise a sustainable home for a century or more.
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