WIGO has many years of experience in the production and construction of pre-fabricated wooden houses using different technologies. Produces high-quality and functional prefab CLT and wooden frame modular homes and commercial projects across a range of industries – from healthcare and education to hospitality and transport.

Pioneers in this field, WIGO, since its founding in 1934 in Austria, actively involved in the production of wooden houses of high factory readiness.

Since the early 90’s - WIGO, one of the first companies in Europe, launched the production of houses using CLT technology.

In 2018, WIGO, as a result of optimization of production processes, transferred its production to Latvia and continues its activities in the previous quality already as WIGO GROUP.

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Main activities

Our manufactured elements are precisely engineered in an automated factory environment, not a building site, with conditions that are optimum for manufacturing. Each manufactured element is quality controlled throughout the design and manufacturing process, ensuring it matches the specification of each individual project