Your modular house will be ready in a month
Modular houses are a sustainable solution that will serve you more than 100 years with precise production, highest quality materials and professional work.
Modular houses are constructed off-site from the lot where your future home will stand. They are modern, energy efficient and cost-saving as they are built in a shorter time period. Quick to complete, each module then transported to construction site. Your modular house will be made as a single unit with all the necessary installations and finishes.
Portable cabin for everyone
  • Building area — 17.5 m²
  • Living Area — 12.0 m²
Compact module for a short-term rest, work, or guest accommodation. With standard equipment, you will obtain a well-equipped lavatory, a small hallway, and a separate room for night rest, work, or even a sauna. The module is a great addition to the existing household.
Compact cabin with terrace
  • Building area — 17.5 m²
  • Useful area — 12.0 m²
  • Terrace — 9.15 m²
The module is suitable for a wide range of customer needs. It can be built as a multifunctional supplement for a private home or camping. The standard offer includes a sauna, a well-equipped sanitary facility, a dressing room/ storage room, and a spacious terrace with a roof cover, which will provide you with everything you need for quality and unique relaxation.
Space-saving dwelling
  • Building area — 25.20 m²
  • Useful area — 17.92 m²
  • Mezzanine — 11.28 m²
A unique design module with detached half-deck will be suitable for both families and a smaller number of people. Porch with roof cover, small hallway equipped with amenities, dressing room and kitchen area, living room, and a separate bedroom on the additional floor of the house - all available with the standard specification of the module.
Perfect guesthouse
  • Building area — 25.20 m²
  • Useful area — 17.92 m²
  • Terrace — 8.8 m²
The one-store module is an excellent choice for your needs. The house is divided into three parts and gives both a feeling of spaciousness and is functional and easy to use. In the standard offer, the module is equipped with a small hallway and a sanitary unit, a studio-type living area combined with kitchen space, and a separate room for night time.
Most popular WIGO cabin
  • Building spot — 30.81 m²
  • Living space — 24.42 m²
  • Mezzanine space — 8.58 m²
The light-inspired and thoughtful design of the module will allow you to enjoy lazy holidays with all the amenities you need. The panoramic window in the living area creates a sense of spaciousness, while the separated layout will be useful for privacy. Combining the convenience of the module, practicality, and a terrace for summer relaxation, we are confident in the guarantee of your well-being.
Smart housing solution
An approximate 65 m² modular house is an example of how WIGO modules can be combined. There are no limits for the number of connections, terraces, verandas or etc. WIGO is all about the individual approach and modern solutions. The module can be customized to your individual needs by changing color combinations, finishing materials, insulation, and heating elements, as well as other installations.
Modular Design
As one of the largest manufacturers of CLT panels in the Baltics, we not only manufacture our panels for export, but also use them in our own modular designs.
Our Standards
Modules are based on solutions that are people friendly, safe to the environment and dedicated to a sustainable future. Modular houses are fully finished at the factory.
We Offer
Modular houses according to our standard designs or individual orders. Our products will meet customer requirements, sizes and shipping conditions.
Building a home or module may seem like a complicated process but with the help of WIGO professionals you will find that this process
can be simple.
Easy to Buy
Find your land
The foundation of the house is prepared by the client. These can be pillar bases or screw piles.
Choose a project
Average size module of 25 m² can be done in 2 - 4 weeks. Go to WIGO modules and select one.
WIGO offers you a list of other improvements for the module, so it could be done in the way customer desires
Secure financing
After negotiation and project approval customer makes an advance payment 50%
Factory production
Production using CLT panels or insulated timber panels according to Austrian quality standards.
Delivery and setup
Modules are delivered to the site as already completed houses and after installation they are ready for use.
Move to new home
Overall keeping outside out and inside in, we can promise a sustainable home for a century or more.
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